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Press Release on a seminar on ‘Gandhian thought’ organized on 5th October, 2013 in Tunis

The Embassy of India in Tunis, in cooperation with Ahmed Tlili Foundation, organised a seminar on Gandhian thought on Saturday, 5th October, 2013 at the University of Constitutional Law and Political Science in Tunis. Ambassador Nagma M. Mallick delivered a keynote address titled ‘Gandhi’s enduring example: the Power of Non-violent Action’ (Text of speech available at the Embassy website www.embassyofindiatunis.com). The other speakers were Prof. Ridha Tlili, the founder of the Ahmed Tlili Foundation & its Chairman, Mr. Fadl Moussa, Hony. Prof. Abdul Majeed, Mr. Mohamed Haddad and other academics.

The seminar was well attended by a cross-section of university students, media personalities, intellectuals and other Tunisians. Ahmed Tlili Foundation was established in January 2011 with the objective of spreading the spirit of cultural diversity and political pluralism in Tunisia and to introduce young people to a democratic culture. The Foundation is named after Ahmed Tlili, a well-known trade unionist and freedom fighter.

05 October, 2013