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Tunisia Links


The Presidency of the Republic of Tunisia : http://www.carthage.tn
The Tunisian Government Portal : http://www.tunisie.gov.tn
Tunisian Government : www.ministeres.tn


Prime Ministry : http://www.pm.gov.tn
Ministry of the Interior and Local Development : http://www.e-justice.tn
Ministry of foreign affairs : http://www.diplomatie.gov.tn
Ministry of national defense : http://www.defense.tn
Ministry of finances : http://www.portail.finances.gov.tn
Ministry of development and international cooperation : http://www.mdci.gov.tn
Ministry of properties and real estate affairs: http://www.mdeaf.gov.tn
Ministry of agriculture and hydraulic resource : http://www.onagri.nat.tn
Ministry of the environment and sustainable development : http://www.environnement.nat.tn
Ministry of industry, energy and small and medium enterprises : http://www.industrie.gov.tn
Ministry of equipment, housing and land planning : http://www.mehat.gov.tn
Ministry of tourism : http://www.tunisietourisme.com.tn
Ministry of trade and handicrafts : http://www.commerce.gov.tn
Ministry of communication technologies : http://www.infocom.tn
Ministry of women, family, children and elderly affairs : http://www.femmes.tn
Ministry of youth, sports and physical education : http://www.sport.tn
Ministry of culture and safeguard of patrimony : http://www.culture.tn
Ministry of public health : http://www.santetunisie.rns.tn
Ministry of social affairs, solidarity and Tunisians abroad : http://www.social.tn
Ministry of education and training : http://www.education.tn
Minister of higher education, scientific research and technology : http://www.mes.tn
Ministry of employment and professional integration of youth : http://www.emploi.gov.tn


Chamber of Deputies : www.chambre-dep.tn
Chamber of Advisors : www.chambredesconseillers.tn

Economic / Commercial :

Statistics National Council (CNS) : www.Tunisie-statistiques.tn
Tunisian Central Bank (BCT ) : www.BCT.gov.tn
Exports Promotion Center (Cepex) : www.cepex.nat.tn
National Observatory on Agriculture : www.Onagri.nat.tn
Agricultural Investments Promotion Agency (APIA) : www.tunisie.com/Apia
Information about Tunisia : www.Tunisie.com
Stock Exchange : www.bvmt.com.tn
Capital Market Board : www.cmf.org.tn
Industry Promotion Agency : www.tunisieindustrie.nat.tn
Yellow pages : http://www.pagesjaunes.com.tn
Investment in Tunisia: http://www.investintunisia.tn
Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce & Handicrafts : http://www.utica.org.tn
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tunis : http://www.ccitunis.org.tn/
National Institute of Statistics : www.ins.nat.tn/


Tunisian Africa Press News : http://www.tap.info.tn/en/
Tunisia news : www.tunisiaonlinenews.com
Media : www.tunisiemedias.com
Tunisian Radio : www.radiotunis.com
Tunisian TV : www.tunisiatv.com
Online Newspapers and Magazines : www.tunisie.com/nouvelles
Le temps (only in French)
La Presse (only in French)
AL-Chourouk (only in Arabic)


General Information on Tunisia : www.tunisie.com
Yellow pages : http://www.pagesjaunes.com.tn