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Travel Advisory for Indian nationals visiting Libya

In view of the deteriorating security situation in Libya, Embassy of India issued several advisories for Indian nationals to avoid travel to Libya; the first such advisory was issued on 28 July 2014 and still remains valid.

The Embassy reiterates it advisory and urges all Indian nationals present in Libya to exercise extreme caution and vigil, avoid visiting sensitive areas and restrict their movements. They need to take extreme precautions while moving within Libya and to plan their movement and travel after ensuring the safety of the route. They are also advised to register themselves compulsorily with the Embassy by sending their names and contact details to cons.tripoli@mea.gov.in.

The security situation in Libya is still unsafe and unstable. The Indian nationals are once again advised not to travel to Libya and not to take up employment in Libya till the situation normalizes completely.

Embassy of India, Tripoli
31 December 2018