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Holi, the festival of colours, celebrated with joy in Tunis on April 20, 2013

Ambassador Nagma M. Mallick hosted a Holi celebration at Bharat Bhavan in Carthage, a suburb of Tunis, on Saturday, 20th April, 2013 which was attended by Tunisian public figures, officials, media personalities, business persons and members of the diplomatic community. Short films were shown on the celebration of Holi, while Ambassador explained in a speech in French the traditional significance of Holi in Hindu mythology and the current wide-spread celebration of the festival of colours in India and abroad. This was followed by a presentation of popular Indian dances by young Tunisian dancers in Indian costumes. An Indian lunch was served thereafter.

The Tunisian guests as well as the Ambassadors of other countries who participated at this event, most of whom had seen Holi celebrated only in Indian films, expressed their happiness at participating in the colourful event.