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Visit of Indian Junior Men’s Volleyball Team to Kelibia, Tunisia from July 23-26, 2013

The Tunisian Federation of Volleyball organized the 12th International Tournament at Kelibia, Nabeul from July 23-26, 2013, in which three foreign teams from Argentina, Russia and India and three national teams of Tunisia, in the age group of 23, 21 and 19 years participated. The Tunisian team in the age group of 23 is the Africa Champion while the Russian and Argentine teams are among world champions. India, in this international tournament was represented by a 15-member Junior Volleyball Team which has been selected for participation in the forthcoming Junior Volleyball World Championship.

In the league matches, the Indian team defeated world championRussia and Africa Champion Tunisia but lost to Argentina in the semi-final match. Second Secretary, Shri Hifzur Rahman was present to cheer the Indian team for their two matches played on July 24, 2013.

This participation represents India’s first bilateral exchange in the field of sports in post-Revolution Tunisia.